Thursday, September 2, 2010

Maine, Pt. Two- Deadfall and Light

Downed Fir, Lying In-State. Maine. August, 2010

A few years back, the aforementioned island up in Penobscott Bay endured a savage hurricane- along with the rest of the east coast- toppling many of the fir trees crowding the woods, their roots shallow, thwarted from deeper purchase by granite bedrock. Last week, while hiking the island, I walked past a dead fir in the process of being absorbed by a Pollock- esque explosion of mosses and lichens. The tree was lying in-state, resplendent in soft green, yellow and orange splashes of fungus, both gaudy and somber. I rolled around in the moss with my Nikon for what seemed like hours, trying to make formal, painterly "non-landscape" landscapes, but mostly having fun, the city slowly seeping from my bones and brain, the damp fecund smell of the woods drawing me in...

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