Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sianie... intrepid partner, leading the way into the bamboo forest somewhere on Maui's North Shore. Muddy, slick trails, shadowed by bamboo three stories high and impenetrable. Wet scrambles and dicey ladders lead us upriver to broad pools and waterfalls as rain showers came and left.  She was covered in mud and smiling like a fiend.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Journey Into the Bamboo Forest- (IPhone Pics And a Jungle Voyage)

Sianie and I were told about an amazing hike through a dense bamboo forest, through and alongside a rocky stream, into various pools, up various waterfalls. The last, highest falls were acquired by ditching all your clothes and gear, swimming 200 feet through a canyon, scaling a small cliff to arrive at huge pool surrounded by 60 ft stone walls. It was lush, magical, slightly dangerous and unforgettable.

Houkipa- After the bamboo forest/waterfall scramble, we stopped at the overlook. During the winter, this bay is a cauldron of big waves and dominating locals but this evening it was very chill, head high sets and low-keyed.