Friday, December 17, 2010

Ropes, Nets and Buoys- Dutch Harbor, Pt. Two

Dutch Harbor was born from the sea. The tundra wreaks havoc on nitrogen levels and makes traditional farming profoundly difficult, so most islanders - from early Unagan natives to the multi-cultural collision that now calls Dutch home - farm the sea. Or, in some way live off it's gifts.

So, all around Unalaska, Iliuliuk and Captains bay, one can find caches of nets, crab pots and buoys. Most are stored for boats which are either docked or at sea and will eventually find their way onto a deck bound for the Bering Sea or points beyond. In the meantime, they stand as sculptural installations, perches for ravens and eagles, even mineral rich stashes for intrepid grasses. Either way, they have their appeal.