Monday, January 9, 2012

The Race To Save The Great White Begins...

I've just returned from a very quick but completely kick-ass trip to Tampa, Florida to witness the seatest of the research vessel OCEAN,  prior to it's history making venture in South Africa.  There it's crew of fishermen will team up with several renowned marine biologists for a comprehensive and controversial study of Great White sharks. OCEARCH founder and outspoken visionary, Chris Fischer, is overseeing the project, with the hopes of protecting not just Great Whites, but all sharks from extinction at the hands of over-fishing and the heinous practice of "finning".  God willing, the ship arrives in Cape Town, and the adventure of the crew and biologists about the Ocean will begin. For now, just a quick look at the fishing crew half of this incredible project:

OCEARCH Founder and Team Visionary Chris Fischer

                                                            Co-captain Jody Witworth

                                                             Captain Brett McBride

                                                      First Engineer Denny Wagner

                                                          Deckhand Juan Valencia

                                                             Deckhand Alex Snow

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