Monday, August 10, 2009

Austin "SunFlowers" Project in "GOOD MAGAZINE"

Last week, I had the good fortune to find myself down in Austin. It wasn't too hot, the place I was staying had a pool, and I was working with the sublimely gifted public art duo "Harries/Heder Collaborative".

Never mind that they're my soon-to-be in-laws, their work is always visionary, smart and, in this case, lights up at night.

"SunFlowers", 15, 12' tall solar "flowers" that feed back into the grid by day and glow like alien flowers at night, had it's debut last week, and "GOOD Magazine" published a great little feature on the installation, featuring pix by yours truly, today.

Here are a few more from the shoot:


  1. those are killer! gorgeous shots as uzh my friend...

  2. Interesting technology and great shots.